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Our Technology


Wilkinson Excavating carefully evaluates every aspect and design detail to help identify opportunities to add value and cost savings to every project.


Our highly experienced staff has implemented the most up to date computer software and technologies to ensure that our customers are provided an accurate estimation of their projects.


GPS Layout With Full Machine Control


Millimeter GPS+ combines the advantages of laser (multi-user & high vertical accuracy) with GPS (multi-user & 3D) into one versatile and easy to use system. This patented technology improves grading accuracy up to 300% over existing 3D-GPS machine systems.

  • Up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS
  • Increased productivity - fewer passes needed to reach finish grade
  • Lower investment - one system works for rough & finish grade
  • Grade to tighter tolerances and eliminate high-cost material overruns

The Right Equipment


We utilize the latest technology in GPS for layout and machine control. This precision technology is enabled by satellites that send constant radio signals down to site-specific base station antennas and dual receiver machine antennas which triangulate the radio signals to determine the machines exact position on the earth.


This advanced technology not only ensures an accurate finished product, it also accelerates production levels that translate to an overall cost savings for our clients.




We utilize the latest technology in GPS for layout and machine control.


Topcon is the first global service provider for true Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers.




Excavation Technology IL

Topcon GPS Dozer cutting parking lot to grade at Waves of Fun.

Excavation Technology IL

Foundation for the basement at Waves of Fun, all the pies were laid out with Topcon GPS.

Excavation IL
Excavation IL