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Excavation is more than just digging a hole in the ground, excavation is the usual starting point of most building, construction, paving and pipeline projects and it’s often the final phase of a demolition project.


Excavation is how underground tanks and culverts are installed and eventually how they are removed when they are no longer useful.


There are several types of excavations


Mass excavations are usually reserved for large areas or jobs where accuracy isn't an issue, such as underground tank removal; precision excavation cuts, also known as surgical-cuts, are used when space is an issue or when the edges of the excavation need to be straight, such as when trenching for pipeline construction or sewer installation; structural excavations are used for things like foundations, retaining walls, paving projects and culvert installations.


As with many aspects of excavations, excavating often goes hand in hand with other services the company performs. For example, excavation of the site is the first step in a building project, allowing the foundation to be set properly right from the start. However, many projects start with excavation and soil removal before new construction can begin. Backfilling after construction is another service performed by the excavating equipment.


Excavation is also a big part of the environmental remediation process, as it is used to remove contaminated soil so it can be treated and reused.


The Right Services:

  • Sewer Excavations
  • Water Excavations
  • Demolition Excavations
  • Site Prep Excavations
  • Site Utilities Excavations
  • Septic Systems Excavations
  • Stone & Gravel Hauling
  • Basements Excavations
  • Commercial & Residential Excavations

Our crew is armed with extensive experience.


Ongoing training in Safety Legislation standards ensure that Provincial and Federal Regulatory Boards are satisfied.



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Excavation IL
Excavation IL